Adult Abuse (PDF)

Alleged Trespasser Complaints (PDF)

Animal Control (PDF)

Bias-Based Policing (PDF)

Bias-Motivated Crimes (PDF)

Body Armor (PDF)

Brady Material Disclosure (PDF)

Canines (PDF)

Chief's Preface (PDF)

Child Abuse (PDF)

Child and Adult Dependent Safety (PDF)

Civil Disputes (PDF)

Commendations and Awards (PDF)

Communications with Persons with Disabilities (PDF)

Conducted Energy Device (PDF)

Control Devices and Techniques (PDF)

Crisis Intervention Incidents (PDF)

Custodial Searches (PDF)

Daily Patrol Logs (PDF)

Death Investigation (PDF)

Department Directives (PDF)

Department Use of Social Media (PDF)

Department-Owned and Personal Property (PDF)

Disciplinary Action (PDF)

Discriminatory Harassment (PDF)

Domestic Abuse (PDF)

Drug- and Alcohol-Free Workplace (PDF)

Electronic Mail (PDF)

Emergency Detentions (PDF)

Employee Speech, Expression, and Social Networking (PDF)

Evidence Management (PDF)

Eyewitness Identification (PDF)

Field Training Officers (PDF)

Firearm Injury Reporting (PDF)

Firearms (PDF)

Foot Pursuits (PDF)

Former Officer Carrying Concealed Weapons (PDF)

Handcuffing and Restraints (PDF)

Hostage and Barricade Incidents (PDF)

Identity Theft (PDF)

Impaired Driving (PDF)

Information Technology Use (PDF)

Investigation and Prosecution (PDF)

Law Enforcement Authority (PDF)

Law Enforcement Code of Ethics (PDF)

Limited English Proficiency Services (PDF)

Line of Duty Deaths (PDF)

Major Incident Notification (PDF)

Media Relations (PDF)

Missing Persons (PDF)

Mission Statement (PDF)

Mobile Video and Body Camera (PDF)

Mutual Aid and Outside Agency Assistance (PDF)

Naloxone Narcan Utilization (PDF)

Oath of Office (PDF)

Off-Duty Law Enforcement Actions (PDF)

Officer Response to Calls (PDF)

Officer-Involved Shootings and Deaths (PDF)

Organizational Structure and Responsibility (PDF)

Outside Employment (PDF)

Patrol Function (PDF)

Personal Appearance Standards (PDF)

Personal Communication Devices (PDF)

Personnel Complaints (PDF)

Personnel Files (PDF)

Police Explorers (PDF)

Policy Manual (PDF)

Private Persons Arrests (PDF)

Property Management (PDF)

Public Alerts (PDF)

Public Recording of Law Enforcement Activity (PDF)

Records Division (PDF)

Records Maintenance and Release (PDF)

Report Preparation (PDF)

Reporting of Employee Convictions (PDF)

Response to Bomb Calls (PDF)

Ride-Along (PDF)

Search and Seizure (PDF)

Seat Belts (PDF)

Service Animals (PDF)

Sexual Assault Investigations (PDF)

Sick Leave (PDF)

Smoking and Tobacco Use (PDF)

Standards of Conduct (PDF)

Subpoenas and Court Appearances (PDF)

Temporary Custody of Juveniles (PDF)

Traffic Crash Response and Reporting (PDF)

Training (PDF)

Uniform Regulations (PDF)

Use of Force (PDF)

Use of Informants (PDF)

Use of the Time System (PDF)

Values of the Hudson Police Departments (PDF)

Vehicle Maintenance (PDF)

Vehicle Pursuits (PDF)

Vehicle Towing and Release (PDF)

Vehicle Use (PDF)

Victim and Witness Assistance (PDF)