Unpaid Parking Tickets and Suspensions

If you fail to pay a parking citation, there will be additional fines assessed. If payment is not made within 30 days, the fines will increase by double and a Final Notice will be automatically sent out to the registered owner of the vehicle by Passport Parking. If the payment is still not made within 15 days of the final notice being sent out, the fines will be doubled, and a Suspension letter will be sent out automatically to the registered owner by Passport Parking.  

If the payment is not made or the violator fails to pay the parking citation within 45 days of the violation and fails to contest the parking violation within 10 days of the violation, the penalty shall be doubled the deposit amount set forth and the Hudson Parking Enforcement Department shall request the State Department of Transportation to suspend the vehicle registration pursuant to Ch. TRANS128, WIS, Admin.Code.

 If your vehicle registration is suspended, you will need to contact Hudson Parking Enforcement at 715-386-4770 to find out what fines and fees you will have to pay. You will then be able to pay your fees at City Hall (505 3rd Street) or Hudson Police Department (101 Vine). Once all fees are paid, the Parking coordinator will contact the State of Wisconsin to process a reinstatement of your registration. Please be aware it takes approximately 7 to 10 business days for the process to be completed. You are encouraged to pay parking tickets in a timely manner to avoid vehicle registration suspension and issues related to reinstatement.