Hudson Quick Facts


The following information will provide you with a quick introduction to the City of Hudson.


The City of Hudson is located on the western edge of Wisconsin along the St. Croix River and the St. Croix National Scenic Riverway. The City is just 15 minutes east of St. Paul, Minnesota, and 30 minutes east of Minneapolis, Minnesota, and is part of the Twin Cities metropolitan area. Interstate 94 bisects the community and connects Hudson with the Twin Cities, St. Cloud, and Fargo to the west and Eau Claire, Madison, Milwaukee, and Chicago to the east.


The City of Hudson is home to 13,877 residents based on the most recent estimate by the State of Wisconsin. Hudson is one of the fastest-growing cities in Wisconsin, having grown by 58% since 2000.

Geography and Size

The City has a total area of approximately 7.8 square miles and rests in the St. Croix River Valley and in the hills and bluffs to the east. The city's downtown retail district and "Old Town" residential district rest along the river valley, while the city's "The Hill" residential and retail areas and its business and industrial parks are located on the hills and bluffs that rise above the St. Croix River.

The City of Hudson's neighbors

The City of Hudson is the county seat of St. Croix County and is a major retail center for the area. St. Croix County, with a population of nearly 90,687 residents, is one of the fastest-growing counties in the State of Wisconsin.

The City is bordered by the Willow River and the Village of North Hudson on its north, the Town of Hudson on its north and east and the Town of Troy on its south. The St. Croix River makes up all of Hudson's western boundary with the State of Minnesota lying directly across the river.

School District

The City lies entirely within the Hudson School District, which also provides education services for students from the Town of Hudson, the Village of North Hudson, and parts of the Town of St. Joseph and the Town of Troy.