Hudson City Newsletter - Spring 2022

2022 Issue 1: Spring

Hudson Arch

Did you know?

The Hudson Fire Department was founded on April 3, 1873, not long after the “Great Fire” of 1866 prompted the community to think about forming a larger, more organized department. The decision was solidified after several large fires in 1872.

In this issue:

A Note from the Mayor

As we wait to welcome in the first signs of spring in a new year, we also welcome a new and improved city newsletter. Utilizing the design talents of Sammi Dittloff, we are able to offer an enhanced physical layout as well as a new online version which furthers my effort as Mayor to get out to our citizens all the happenings in our beautiful city.

This newsletter will touch on a number of exciting things happening in our community, including our continued strong residential and commercial growth, all the great work our Public Safety personnel are doing for our city, and the road and infrastructure improvements that will be occurring as we enter construction season.

Future editions will focus on the coming improvements to our boat launch and Lakefront Park, needed safety improvements to the Heggen Street bridge, and other exciting development projects.

Hudson continues to be a thriving and growing community and it’s an honor to serve as your Mayor.

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Voting Information - 2022

I Voted Sticker

Election Calendar

  • Spring Election - April 5th
  • Partisan Primary - August 9th
  • General Election - November 8th

Register to vote and request an absentee ballot:
Find polling locations & Maps 

Absentee Voting Information

In-person absentee voting is available at City Hall for the April 5th election:

  • March 30th: 9 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
  • April 1st: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

If you are not already registered, you will need to register to vote to get an absentee ballot. Your request must be received by the clerk no later than 5:00 p.m. on the Thursday before the election to receive your absentee ballot.

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Annual Renewal of Dog Tags

Get your dog registration forms in before April 5

It’s that time again! Your annual renewal of dog tags is due  . $10 for spayed/neutered and $20 for non-spayed/ neutered furry friends. A late fee will be applied after April 5, 2022.

How Do I…?

Summer is just around the corner! If you’re wondering how to reserve a park space, find the Concerts in the Park schedule, report tall grass or weeds, and more, you can check out our “How Do I...” guides.

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2021 Year in Review - Building Permits

2021 was a record-breaking year for the Building Permits department. Throughout the year, 414 building permits were issued with a value of $42,672,344 and 3,436 inspections.


Year two of the pandemic, and the building permit department shattered the previous COVID-driven record for annual permits on home renovations, additions, decks, and more. The 242 building permits issued exceeded the previous high of 220 that was issued in 2020.

The value of the 2021 permits in this category exceeded $4.7 million. New residential construction continued at various locations in the city: Bella Rose, Park Place, Southpoint, and Summit Ridge. Residential starts accounted for 31 single-family units, 10 two-family units, and 19 multi-family units with a construction value of $18,576,900.

Although the Mayor Road apartments were technically permitted and accounted for in 2020, the majority of inspections occurred in 2021. The 85 units came online in 2021 and were quickly occupied. Additional information can be found on the  Building Inspector page.


Commercial construction activity was not slowed down by labor and material shortages in 2021. 78 building permits were issued for alterations, additions, and miscellaneous remodels to commercial buildings in 2021 with a value of over $11 million. 2005 was the only year with more (83) permits issued in this category.

New construction activity in 2021 included the ground-breaking for multiple large-scale projects:

  • Bella Rose Apartments
  • Bouchea Apartments
  • Hudson Physicians
  • Avalon Trucking

All four got started in the last quarter of 2021. With the exception of Avalon Trucking, all of these will have their building permits issued and accounted for in the 2022 calendar year.

Don’t hesitate to contact one of our Building Inspectors with your project questions:

Residential - Rhett Borner 715-716-5733 |

Commercial - David Gray 715-716-5755 |

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2021 Overview: Fire Department

2021 was an exciting year for the Hudson Fire Department.

In September, the department was finally able to host an open house event for people to tour the new building.

Run/Drill Attendance - 2021/2020 Numbers

  • Average turnout per incident: 18 in 2021 (18 in 2020)
  • Average run attendance: 44% in 2021 (48% in 2020)
  • 32 out of 42 firefighters maintained 50% or above in drill attendance (33 out of 40 in 2020)

The average age of a HFD firefighter is 47 years old. The average age of a U.S. firefighter is 38.7 years old. 

Inspections / Fire Prevention 

The department attended 49 public education events, which were down by 21% due to COVID restrictions.

2021 Highlights

  • 485 fire calls: Up 6% from 2020
  • 193 calls occurred between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. (40%)
  • Busiest month: September (61 calls)
  • Slowest month: April (26 calls)
  • Paged most often: 12 p.m. - 4 a.m. (113 calls)
  • Paged least often: 12 a.m. - 4 a.m. (42 calls)
  • Longest call duration: 5 hours, 20 minutes 416 Locust St., Hudson for a structure fire
  • Most calls in one day: 28 calls on Sept. 17
  • Called to I-94 on 38 different occasions; up 19% from 2020
  • We responded to 22 structure fires, 9 vehicle fires, and 18 brush/grass fires

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Public Works Updates

From the library to the lakefront, from street repairs to pond restoration, here’s the latest from the Public Works Department.

2022 Street Maintenance

Every year, the City of Hudson Public Works Department puts together a street maintenance program that includes asphalt patching, crack filling, and seal coating. These treatments serve to seal the top of the asphalt and prolong the life of the street by preventing water from penetrating the surface of the pavement, as well as protecting the street from oxidation and sun, rain, and ice exposure.

This summer, Coulee Rd., Grandview Dr., and Okeeffe Rd. will receive a seal coat treatment. A thin layer of oil will be sprayed on the road and then covered with one or more layers of aggregate. The contractor is required to sweep the rock off the street within three days to minimize damage to vehicles. The contractor will then fog seal the street to lock everything in and give it a fresh new look. This work is scheduled to be completed in late July.

Stormwater Pond Restoration

Since 2017, the city is required to follow Wisconsin Statute §§281.16, 281.33, and 283.33 and the City of Hudson’s Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) permit issued by the Wisconsin DNR. The permit requires the city to perform post-construction pond maintenance. As of 2021, there are a total of 118 stormwater ponds within the City of Hudson. If the City fails to comply, the DNR has citation authority under the MS4 permit and may issue fines.

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Library and Lakefront Repairs 

Progress and repairs are still being made on the Library, Lakefront Park Beach House, and City Hall as a result of the September 17th windstorm. Repair delays have come from state statutes requiring the City of Hudson to bid the project out due to the estimated cost of the projects.

Reconstruction is tentatively planned for May with an estimated completion date in October. Throughout the project, the library will remain open to the public.

However, there will be times when construction will require the building to be closed for a day or two at a time. All efforts will be made to work with the library staff to keep the building open as much as possible.

The repair project, which is covered by insurance, will cost about $1.3 million, and includes work on the bath house, the bandshell and other miscellaneous repairs. The library is open, but the children’s department is not accessible. The storm sprayed glass throughout the building, and although the carpet was thoroughly cleaned, it’s possible glass shards remain embedded. The children’s area has a barricade to protect kids who crawl and play.

Storytimes with Miss Sara are being held in the lobby until the story room reopens. A few bins of children’s books have been placed in the lobby so kids can browse for books. Staff can also pull books from the children’s area. Patrons can place orders online or ask for help in the building.

Curbside service will be available during the closures unless staff are unable to access materials. Watch the library's website and Facebook page for announcements on event changes and closures.

Donations made to the library for storm recovery will be used for landscaping, book and toy purchases, carpet replacement and furniture replacement. Insurance will cover damage, but there are undamaged areas that won’t match the new products. Plans for the Summer Reading Program are underway and, like last year, many of the events will be held outside.

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Municipal Court News

Join us in welcoming our new Clerk of Court, Delaina Bacon, who started with us in Feb. 2022. She replaces Angela Tomaro-Stevens who was with us for seven years and resigned in December.

Delaina comes to Hudson after 22 years at the Washington County Sheriff’s Office. She’s excited for a change of pace and a new environment in this position. She grew up and lived in central Minnesota, attended school in Fergus Falls, and also lived in Grand Forks, North Dakota, during the flood of ‘97. Delaina has a 19-year-old son who recently graduated and also works in Hudson, and just got a house in North Hudson with her boyfriend and her dog named Clyde.

Something people might not know about Delaina is that she got adopted at the age of 46 after building a lifelong relationship with her childhood social worker. You can also find Delaina on weekends bartending at Kozy Korner in North Hudson. Welcome, Delaina!

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Community Development Updates

Transit Feasibility Study Updates

Updates will be made to assess the feasibility of a general public shared-ride transit service.

The Community Development Department is currently working with the West Central Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission (WCWRPC) to update the city’s 2020 Transit Feasibility Study.

This study provides detail into Hudson’s population demographics and existing infrastructure to determine if there is a strong need for a shared ride transit service. The study also provides a detailed summary of the cost to run such a service.

Shared Ride Service

The study was first completed with the shared ride service planned as a specialized transit option for elderly and disabled residents only. However, start-up costs of a specialized system were found to be greater than those of a general public system due to state and federal funding options.

Therefore, the City approached WCWRPC to update this study to reflect the general populace. A general public shared-ride transit service is akin to what neighboring communities River Falls and New Richmond currently provide using a third-party vendor for services.

Items to be updated from the 2020 Transit Study include:

  • Anticipated ridership number recalculations
  • Pricing to reflect changes to anticipated ridership
  • Project costs of both capital (e.g., vehicle) and operating expenses in current dollars
  • State and federal funding estimates
  • Timeline and implementation plan

The Transit Study update is planned to be completed early summer 2022, after which the city may begin applying for federal grant funding through the Wisconsin Department of Transportation for the shared-ride service’s deployment.

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Upcoming Events 

2022 Earth Day Celebration

When : April 22, 12 p.m. - 3 p.m.
Where : Lakefront Park - Near Hudson Arch
Details : Celebrate the 51st Anniversary of Earth Day along the St. Croix River!
More >> 

Hudson Community Expo

When : May 1, 11 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
Where : Hudson High School, 1501 Vine St.
Details : Get to know your community and businesses at the annual Hudson Community Expo.|
More >> 

Hudson Farmers Market on Carmichael

When : Starting May 7, 8 a.m. - 12 p.m.
Where : 777 Carmichael Road, Hudson, WI
Details : Catch the farmers market on Carmichael every Saturday from May - Oct.                                                                                     
More >> 

A Taste of Hudson - Food & Drink Festival

When : TBD
Where : Lakefront Park
Details : Experience Hudson’s exceptional food, wine, and beer establishments all in one night along the scenic St. Croix River                                                                                     
More >> 

Hudson Farmers Market at Plaza 94

When : Starting June 2, 7:30 a.m. - 12 p.m.
Where : Coulee Road next to Joe to Go and the Plaza 94 shopping center.
Details : Attend the farmers market at Plaza 94 every Thursday from June - October.                                                                                     
More >> 

Concerts in the Park - 2022

When : Starting June 16, 7 p.m. - 9 p.m.
Where : Lakefront Park, 505 First Street
Details : Come to the Lakefront Park Bandshell weekly on Thursday evenings from June - August to experience live music, surrounded by beautiful St. Croix river views. Bring your lawn chairs and enjoy the shows!                                                                                     
More >> 

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