City Projects

Public Construction

Construction or infrastructure projects the City of Hudson is performing to maintain or improve our infrastructure:

Industrial Street & Stageline Road

The City will be undertaking a mill & overlay project over the 2020 summer season on Industrial Street (Crest View Drive to Hanley Road) and Stageline Road (Carmichael Road to 530’ east of Center Drive). Construction will entail removing the top layer of asphalt pavement, repairing utilities, replacing spot sections of curb/gutter and driveways, paving new asphalt pavement, and installing new signing and pavement markings. The links below provide more information on the project.


Industrial Street Map

2020 Sidewalk Replacement Project

The City will be replacing sections of sidewalk and curb & gutter in various spots throughout the City this summer and fall. Construction will entail removing sidewalk and curb & gutter panels, replacing the sidewalk and curb & gutter, and restoration of street pavement and turf related to the concrete work. The links below provide more information on the project.