In the summer of 2019 Hudson PD transitioned to a new K9 handler, Officer Radke.  Badger is half German Shepard and half Belgian Malinois, and he is approximately 5 years old.  Badger is a dual purpose K9, meaning he is certified in both apprehension work and narcotics detection.  Included in the apprehension work Badger can do is tracking, article searches, building searches, and area searches.  The narcotics that Badger is certified to detect are Methamphetamine, Heroin, Crack Cocaine, Powdered Cocaine and Marijuana.

The K9 program for Hudson PD is 100% funded by donations from the community. These donations ensure that Badger is happy, healthy, and ready to serve the citizens of Hudson and St. Croix County.  If you are interested in donating please email Officer Radke at lradke@hudsonwi.gov.

If you would like to schedule a K9 demonstration or have a social event that you would like Badger to attend, please call us at 715-386-4771, ext. 250 or email Officer Radke.